Edinburgh Elopement | Christine & Jake

Photos by Marijane Soilis

Christine and Jake have built a beautiful life together, even through the obstacle of being from different countries. Christine’s family lives in Sweden, and Jake’s lives in the US. It made perfect sense to elope in the beautiful country of Scotland, being where they lived and worked together for the last few years.

The lovely couple stayed in a secluded self-catering flat at the Cheval Old Town Chambers, with gorgeous textured concrete and natural light pouring in from the window. Plus, an incredible view of the iconic Balmoral clock.

After a picture perfect first look on the Royal Mile, we caught a black cab to New Town for their ceremony at the Royal College of Physician’s of Edinburgh. Before heading to their ceremony in the Cullen Suite, we explored their New Library and got lost among the ancient books and golden woodwork.

In the Swedish blue room (perfectly appropriate for Christine’s mom, sister, and best friend all made it to Edinburgh from Sweden!), we slowly got ready for a beautiful agnostic ceremony by Andrea Taylor. Christine and Jake expressed their love for each other and shared a few toasts from their quaich filled with a vodka mix!

We enjoyed an incredible (gluten and dairy free) vanilla and strawberry cake from CAKED by Catherine. Christine even brought some of her family’s special plates and spoons for the occasion. And when the cake knife broke before the big moment, Christine and Jake tackled their first obstacle as husband and wife - cutting a cake with teaspoons!

As a way to include all their loved ones across multiple borders, Christine and Jake opted to live stream their ceremony with Nifty Video. Family members from all over tuned in to watch the ceremony, post messages, and share the experience with them.

After their beautiful ceremony, we walked around Old Town for a fun adventure session at some along Edinburgh’s most beautiful streets, looping back to where we began the day. We finished the last few moments of Christine and Jake’s elopement day up at the castle, in the last of the magical Tuesday evening light.

Supplier love -

Photographer: @marijanesoilis

Celebrant: @soulful.celebrant

Venue: @rcpevenue

Florals: @narcissus_flowers

Beauty: @amm_team

Cake: @caked_by_catherine

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