We're Ella & MJ and we curate memories of a lifetime. 

Ella Mai Elopement Planner



Founder & Elopement Planner

I’m Ella, the Founder + Creative Planner behind the award-winning Ella Mai Elopements. As a hopeless romantic and a chaser of dreams, I fell in love with the thought of an elopement in 2016 and have since embraced everything they have to offer. I married my husband surrounded by our favourite people, on a crisp winter’s afternoon, and it has since led me to curate soulful celebrations for couples who share a love without limits.


Scotland stole my heart a long, long while ago and it’s a real honour to be able to craft unique elopements and love stories in this beautiful country. Whether you tie the knot under a blanket of stars, or you say ‘I Do’ against the backdrop of rugged hills, one thing will remain the same…


You’ll be marrying your soulmate in the most beautiful way, in the most unbelievable setting. 


I care deeply about the world we live in, and endeavour to embrace the environment, as well as. the endless creativity that our wedding industry has to offer. Browse through my selection of wedding packages here – all of which are completely and utterly flexible to suit you. It’s time to let love run away with you… 


I plan every elopement with heart, weaving in your personal input and all-consuming love for one another. I crave connection and am truly passionate about the bond that I carefully build with each and every client. I’m there to encourage, inspire and support you throughout the elopement planning process. At Ella Mai Elopements, I engineer moments of closeness, I set the scene for your story, so that you can share it together, just the two of you.

Photographer & Elopement Planner

I’m MJ - an elopement planner and photographer based in Edinburgh. I stumbled into elopements after my own spontaneous ceremony in 2019, and haven’t looked back since. I feel so lucky every day to help couples escape mainstream wedding traditions, and choose adventure over expectations.


I have always been obsessed with nature, exploration, and creativity - so I spent my early twenties traveling and photographing the world. Then I fell hopelessly in love with my soulmate, who I get to share this adventure of life with. He brought me to Scotland, and now I’m hopelessly in love with this country, too.


Scotland is otherworldly. You can feel the magic of this land when you’re wandering among the heather of the glens, the peaks of the highlands, or the rough coasts of the endless shores. This country is romantic in its soil and its soul. Celebrating love here feels like the stars aligning, everything coming together magically, intentionally, and uniquely.


I believe in saying yes and following your own compass, wherever it leads you. I believe in true love, and trusting your intuition. I believe in living a life of fulfillment, and doing things that bring you happiness - even if it goes against the grain.


So if you’re here, there’s a reason. Take that leap of faith. We’re here to tell you that you’re not crazy, that it is possible, and that it’s not as hard as you think it is. Let us guide you through this amazing process, and help you make your wedding the adventure of a lifetime.

Ella Mai Elopement Planner, MJ



Our Values

Ella Mai Elopement Values



We believe that every lovestory is
a masterpiece, full of wonder and magic. Each elopement is treated
as a work of art. From the aesthetics to the itinerary, everything is considered and crafted, a curated experience that celebrates the unique love the couple share, a meaningful day full of their favourite things.

Ella Mai Elopement Values


We plan with heart. We provide a safe space where couples feel free to be themselves and feel celebrated in their uniqueness. We look after the emotional wellbeing of our couples in the planning process. We are inclusive, conscious, and thoughtful - towards our couples, our suppliers and the environment.

Ella Mai Elopement Values


We believe in big magic in small things. Less stress and spreadsheets, more of what matters, we create wedding experiences that put the focus where it belongs: the intimate connection

of true lovers. We engineer moments of closeness, set the scene for heartfelt vows, making them feel seen and known.